Masks of Light


Masks of Light


Paperback: 96 pages
Language: English
ISBN-13: 978-09821660-7-9
Publication Date: February 13, 2015

“On the dreaming wall,” these poems are runes to be read in moonlight. They flicker and flaunt themselves in the remembering eye. Some carry regret. Some defy forgiveness. Every poem has the signature line, establishing the flash of pleasure the poet takes in arranging words “according to a weaver’s whim”.

— Joseph A. Brown, S.J., Author of The Sun Whispers, Wait: New and Collected Poems and Accidental Grace

Robert Fox is a wordspinner drunk on language, a master of dreams and delirium. His work reflects the places he has lived over the decades: New York, California, and Nigeria.  What ties it together are two main themes:  the power of poetry and the poet “plumbing the myth of the self.”  Robert Fox is an “ex-/plorer of poetographies.”  He writes, “Draw the bow of language; aim for the heart.” These poems frequently hit the mark. 

—Andrew Gordon, Professor Emeritus of English, University of Florida

The poem is his constant home, his refuge and his curse, ranging from a young man’s existentialist despair to deft postmodern irony.  Compact and complex, these poems radiate from a true center… There’s a lifetime of internal geography here, a map of darkness hovering always on the borders of dream and joy, a place Rimbaud might find familiar, or any bluesman wordsmith musician. Fox’s intense, intimate voice cuts through contemporary noises like a solo horn. 

— Stan Sanvel Rubin, author of There. Here


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