To Wreck The Whirlwind With a Glance


To Wreck The Whirlwind With a Glance


Paperback: 80 pages
Language: Spanish-English
ISBN -13: 978-0-9821660-5-5
Publication Date: August 2009

Lina Zerón is a force of nature. 
In all of her poetry what we hear is a woman fearlessly in charge of herself.
A woman that speaks for many women.
Searching for love on her terms, for passion, for freedom of the spirit.
Mexico will not be Mexico without her voice.

— Chiqui Vicioso, author of EVA/SIONES, Dominican Republic

Lina Zéron’s poems are acquainted with lightning. In her hands we sense the luminous shapes that mind and spirit know as wisdom made flesh. Defiant and wildly tender, the women who live and love in her poems speak of ways by which their acts of freedom exceed boundaries. Hers is poetry for the brave. 

— Marjorie Evasco, author of Dreamweavers: Selected Poems 1976-1986 and Professor Emerita of Literature, De La Salle University, Manila, Philippines


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