Lina Zerón


Born in Mexico City in 1959, Lina Zerón is a writer, poet, cultural journalist and editor. Her poetry has been translated into several languages. Among her numerous awards are Doctor Honoris Causa, University of Tumbes, Peru (2007), Honorary Professor of Graduate School, University of Alcides Carrión, Peru (2008), Gold Medal for the most valuable foreign poet in Montevideo, Uruguay (2003), Woman of the Year 2002 in the State of Mexico for her poetic career, Honored Poet of Claude Couffon’s translation workshops in Brittany, France (2002) and Eagle Warrior Award given by the Circle of Speakers, Mexico. She has been a judge and juror in various international literary competitions. Her eleven published books of poetry include Consagración de la piel (2007), Ciudades donde te nombro (2006),  Nostalgia de vida(2005) and To Wreck the Whirlwind with a Glance (2009). She lives with her family in Coyocán, Mexico.