Derrick Zgambo


Derrick Zgambo [AKA David Kerr] was born in the UK in 1942. Since 1969 he has lived in southern Africa, working at universities in Malawi, Zambia, and, at present, Botswana. Kerr is a practitioner of theatre and media for transformation and human rights, about which he has written widely in Popular African Theatre: From Precolonial Times to the Present Day (James Currey, 1995) and Dance, Media Entertainment and Popular Theatre in South East Africa (Bayreuth African Studies Series 43, 1996). He has had numerous articles published in such journals as Harvard Educational Review, African Literature Today, Review of African Literature, Africa Media Review and Critical Arts. His collection of verse, Tangled Tongues, was published by Flambard in 2003 ( He has other poems in numerous journals and anthologies, as well as co-authored plays such as Matteo Sakala (Lusaka 1978), Growing Wings (Torino 1988), Thari Ya Lelwapa (Gaborone 1997) andThe Ghosts Return (Oxford 2006). At present Kerr is Professor and Head of Department of Media Studies at the University of Botswana.